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We as Canadians, are becoming increasingly comfortable and accepting of having a counsellor, or ‘seeing someone’ to talk to. More and more of us are finding that the struggles that we are facing are too much to carry alone, and that we need someone outside our immediate circle of friends and family to talk to. Many of us are so caught up in the wild and crazy ‘rat-race’ of the GTA that we feel unable to slow down, and to find time to reflect; or we are caught off guard by the good, the bad, and the ugly of life’s ups and downs.

Individual counselling creates space in your life to slow down, to reflect on where you have been, and where you are going, and to address some of the curve balls that life has thrown at you; whether it is a new relationship, or the ending of an old relationship, an unexpected diagnosis, or simply a sense of being overwhelmed by all that life is throwing at you.

I will help you explore where you are at, what is going on in your life that is prompting you to seek help, and how you can begin to move forward toward the fulness of life you seek.

Many people have accessed counselling services in the past, whether through their Employment Assistant Programs, or privately, and have found counselling to be a great help to them during a particularly challenging period of life. If you are familiar with the benefits of counselling and would like to see if I would be good-fit for you, then please feel free to call for a free consult, or book an appointment to meet me.

I recognize that many seek help in the midst of a crisis, whether a sudden death, a betrayal, an exacerbation in symptoms of an old illness, or new diagnosis. Whatever your reasons for reaching out for help, I will do my utmost to provide you with timely support, and in a form that is appropriate for your particular circumstances – in person in the clinic, on the phone, or in your home. Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email if you would like to discuss this further.