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Couples come for counselling at all points in their relationships, to address all kinds of common relationship issues, including anger, resentment, betrayal, disengagement, disconnection, jealousy, arguing, or difficulty reaching agreement on major life decisions. Counselling provides the opportunity to talk about some of these issues with a professional, and neutral third party, to be able to express how you feel, be heard, and to begin to hear and understand where your partner is coming from.

In therapy I will take time to hear your story and to find out what is going on for you as a couple. Usually I will have initial session with both of you together, and then meet with both of you individually to give you the opportunity to talk to me alone. We will then come back together to look more closely at your relationship.

As an Emotionally Focused Therapist I will help you to understand the emotions you are experiencing that drive the arguments forward, and the de-fault negative cycles of interaction you fall into when tensions run high. We will begin to tease out the nuances of these emotional reactions, to expose the softer feelings you are experiencing, that are often hidden behind the anger and resentment you say or hear - and it is often in vocalizing these softer emotions that will evoke empathy, compassion and understanding from you and your partner.